• Psychology and Counselling. Vocational guidance. Career and Personal Development.

    Sofia Correia Alegria

  • A tailored solution for each Person

    From what I have learned, I treasure the idea that the person who seeks therapy is the one in charge.

    This "leveled" approach with the person, in a caring and interested fashion, allows me to be a facilitator in someone's journey by supporting their growth through a difficult time and helping them to find a healthy way out of it.

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    Clinical Psychology/ Psychotherapy/ Counselling (also ONLINE)

    In having an unbiased perspective, psychotherapy allows a better understanding on one's life and promotes informed decisions and more authentic life changes.

    Individual psychotherapy or counselling - adolescents and adults

    Vocational Guidance

    Through a quantitative and qualitative assessment, vocational guidance allows an integrated vision of the young person's academic and personal skills, as well as their values and interests, in order to direct them towards a more sustainable academic path in the medium/long term.

    Career Development

    Career development makes it possible to make informed decisions about one's career path, in a more fullfiling manner and always oriented towards individual interests and values.



  • About me

    I am a clinical psychologist with a MSc degree and a member of the Portuguese board for psychologists (Ordem dos Psicólogos Portugueses - OPP). Furthermore, I have been studying for becoming a Coach by the International Coach Federation.


    Continuous learning, as well as personal and professional development, have been a constant in my career path. Health in general, but mental health especially, are in constant change. For that reason, I find it no less than compulsory to always seek for improving my professional and personal skills.


    No two people are the same; no two therapeutic processes are the same either. I consider having an integrative vision that unveils into theoretical approaches and working tools, always tailored to each person's individuality and life goals.


    Since 2012, I have been working with a vast spectrum of human struggles, within several areas of psychological intervention, as you can testify by developed work in counselling, coaching and professional guidance, crisis intervention and working with students (in guiding them through their future or helping them cope with their developmental disorders).


    I believe that this plasticity of knowledge allows me to be more curious and have a more empathic critical sense.


    Effective member of the Portuguese Board for Psychologists (OPP), registered number 16477​

  • Academic Background

    • Masters in Clinical Psychologist, by Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada - Instituto Universitário (ISPA-IU)
    • International Certification in Health and Wellness Coaching, by International Coach Federation (ICF) - In progress
    • Post-graduate training as sistemic and family psychotherapist, by Sociedade Portuguesa de Terapia Familiar (SPTF) - In progress
    • Post-graduate training as Existential Psychotherapist, by Sociedade Portuguesa de Psicoterapia Existencial (SPPE) - Years 1 And 2 completed
    • International Certification in Crisis Intervention in Individuals, by International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF)
    • Certified in Vocational Guidance (scholar/academic level)
    • Certified in Focusing - Level 1 - and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) - Level 1
    • Participated in several courses and trainings (Mindfulness and other relaxation techniques; Panic disorder and Generalized anxiety disorders; Social phobia; Depression in adults and the elderly; Psychological assessment for adults and elder people). 
    • Developed protocols in scholar context with special education needs students - Manchester, UK


    Professional experience developed since 2012, namely:


    • Individual Psychotherapy (anxiety, panic disorder, depression, sense of belonging and isolation, self-esteem. 
    • Personal and professional development (using Coaching techniques);
    • Vocational Guidance and experience working 1-2-1 with students on the autism spectrum within the school context; 
    • Crisis Intervention, both with individuals and within an institutional setting (Psychiatric Institution)
    • Scientific Investigation.


    https://www.linkedin.com/in/sofia-correia-alegria-3b4a7151Instagram Account: https://www.instagram.com/sofiacorreiaalegria.psicologa/


  • Partnerships

    Multidisciplinary work with other health professionals and different areas of knowledge makes it possible to gain a broader spectrum of tools with which to support others and promotes overall greater professionalism. Health professionals, associations and other projects I interact with:

    Rumo Platform

    Psychologist at RUMO

    Online platform for portuguese emigrants abroad. Providing mental health and welfare services.


    Digital Nomads Madeira

    Psychologist - External Provider

    Providing mental health and welfare services to migrants and nomads.


    Filipa Jardim da Silva Clinic

    Psychologist - Associated Member

    Providing mental health and coaching services.

    Workplace Options

    Psychologist - External Provider

    Improving mental health and crisis intervention. Video-counselling and in-person counselling.

    Sidewalk Talk

    Previous volunteer Leader and Ambassador

    Free active listening project: